Growing up in Upstate New York I used photography as a means of exploration and adventure in my suburb town. This hobby soon turned into a passion of mine after taking courses in high school. This lead into minoring at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA in Studio Art with a emphasis in digital/film photography. I am the photographer for Neal Feay Company as well as a printmaker in the arts department, working with high end products made from anodized aluminum. I have had works shown in the SACI Gallery in (2016), Westmont College (2016-17), CASA Gallery (2017), El Rancho Gallery (2017-2018). My work is grounded in the means of which I use photography for. Photography is my life, it's changed my perception. It is a visual tool that produces artworks that express my thoughts and feelings as well it is a therapeutic, poetic third ligament that is always with me. I currently reside in Santa Barbara, California living on a adobe ranch that is 100 years old with three other artists. 
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